Torn + True was dreamt to life by two best friends in Philadelphia.
Their shared love of  the bohemian, free spirited, laid back style of the West Coast inspires the collection.
They both have this yearning to travel the globe and bring inspiration to the brand from every corner of this world.
Torn + True incorporates vintage textiles, some from the Hmong Tribe in Thailand,
along with newer fabrics all of which are bright + bold in their colors and prints.
We are drawn to the combination of old and new, pattern on pattern, texture on texture,
and the idea that each piece is only one of a few.
Torn + True is set to launch in the Summer of 2015.
Our fabrics and textiles are something we know the modern wanderlust will fall in love with.
Each piece is handmade with intricate detail and love.  
We want our pieces to evoke the free spirit within you.

We hope our collection inspires you and brings as much
happiness to you and your home, as it does to us everyday.
Be true to who you are and what you love!

For media, press or other inquiries, please email us at